Taking It To The Next Level

The last 4 weeks have each included a run of between 12 and 14 miles, so this week it was definitely time to step it up a level. In addition, the target mileage on this weeks training schedule increased quite dramatically to 41 miles (the previous highest was 37 miles and this was during my ‘off-week’ so I never got near the target on that occasion).

After a steady start to the week, I had a day off work on Friday, so started it with an 11.5 mile run around the Leicestershire countryside – fairly undulating terrain, run at a steady pace. Then on Saturday my aim was my longest run so far, 16 miles. I wanted a flat route so that I could push it, so ended up running 2 miles along The Great Central Way, turning round and going back – repeat 4 times. Final distance was 16 miles, time was 2hr 12min 48secs.

Week summary
Target = 41 miles
Monday – 5.5m at high tempo
Tuesday – 4.5m interval training
Wednesday – 3.5m slow
Thurs – rest
Friday – 11.5 steady
Saturday – 16m
Sunday – rest
Total = 41 miles