Marathon training – week two

After a good start in Ambleside, where I managed to clock about 3 miles more than my target, I’m back home in Leicester for week 2.  Back at work and with New Year’s eve/day to take into account.  Throw into the mix a day when I can’t stop sneezing (the Monday, so I didn’t feel up to the usual Scraptoft Joggers run) and all in all I was just pleased to get through the week with a couple of decent runs and clocking about 21 miles – my target had actually been 25 miles, so a bit short but I plan to make up for it next week!

Week summary
Target = 25 miles
Monday – night off due to a cold
Tuesday – 3.5m x-ctry
Wed – rest
Thursday – 5.5m fairly fast
Friday – rest
Saturday – 8m on the treadmill
Sunday – 3.5m fast run
Total = 20.5 miles