Indoor Sky Diving

Indoor Sky diving today, at Airkix Milton Keynes.

Great family day out, the girls loved it.  Michelle was a bit nervous at first but soon took to the sky like a natural.  Half an hour of  learning the basics and getting kitted out, then it was a case of jumping into the wind tunnel – designed by NASA.  With wind speeds of upto 170mph it was like standing next to a jet engine at times, so ear plugs were required.  The ‘flites’ were approx 75 seconds long and we had 2 each, then Mia had a bonus 3rd.

Take a look at the you tube videos:

the first video, of our initial flight, shows us adjusting to the feeling of free falling.  I’m on first, wearing the monkey helmet, followed by Mia, then Evie.  Shell comes in last with the ‘bat on her hat’.

In the 2nd video, we go in the same order.  I disapear for a few seconds, shooting up to the top of the wind tunnel – with the help of the instructor, Adam.