Days 93 & 94 – hard workouts

Bank Holiday Monday and no Scraptoft Joggers tonight, so I got up early and went for a cycle.  Tried to get some hills into my route and ended up at Launde Abbey facing a 5% gradient (had to get off 3/4 of the way up).  Did about 45Km in 2hr 20min so was happy with that.  Have seen a 100kn bike ride next Saturday which I think I will sign up for.

On the Tuesday, took Evie to Loughborough and joined in myself. After a mile+ warm up we did 4 reps of 300m followed by 250m followed by 200m (with rests in between).  Pretty tough session but felt the best I have done for a while so something must be working – just 1 month to go until the C2C.

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