Getting Back On Track

A couple of really good sessions this week, though things haven’t been perfect. Poor weather mean getting out of the house is harder but also my motivation hasn’t been strong enough to refuse the extra chocolates, bacon sarnies and a take-away curry – must try harder next week so as not to undue the good work so far.

So, on Monday I warmed up with 3 miles before a fast 6.5 miles with the Scraptoft Joggers, a good confidence boost. On Saturday, I got the treadmill out due to the rather inclement weather but felt good for it.
It has been my first time on a treadmill for some time. The good things about running on a treadmill include:

  • It’s a constant flat route
  • Your legs can’t slow down UNLESS your finger pushes the button to reduce the pace
  • Running to a musical soundtrack – I don’t run with headphones these days. Today’s soundtrack was The Wedding Present & Nirvana – good stuff

This week’s session needed to be a decent distance, due to the lack of miles in the previous 10 days or so. Therefore, I set off with a half marathon in mind. I started out at 7mph for 1 hour (you do the math) with is more or less my target marathon pace. For the second stage, I increased my speed by 0.1mph every half a mile, then for the last mile I pushed it to 8.5mph+. I did the 13.1 miles in 1hr 47 minutes 50 seconds. This time was almost a minute faster than the time I completed last October’s Leicester half marathon in. So I’m please to beat that time, all be it on the treadmill.

Just 8 weeks to go until the marathon.

Week summary
Target = 31 miles
Monday – 9.5m at high tempo
Tuesday – 5m interval training
Wednesday – rest
Thurs/Fri – rest
Saturday – 13.1m treadmill
Saturday –
Total = 27.5 miles