Following Mo Farah

There is no doubt that I will be ‘Following Mo’ Farah up The Mall at the 2014 London Marathon next month – but just how long after Mo glides across the finish line will I manage to drag myself over it?

Just for fun, why not try to predict the number of minutes/seconds between Mo and myself crossing the finishing line.  I will be using Facebook to record predictions in the week before the marathon.  You don’t have to sponsor me or pay to enter the competition but there will be small, mystery prize for the closest guess.

A few Tips for your prediction

  • The current British marathon record is 2 hrs 7 minutes 13 seconds – hopefully Mo will be able to get close to this time 
  • Back in November, when I started my training, my target was to complete the marathon in under 4 hours
  • I have kept a diary of training since Christmas, there are plenty of clues in it to indicate whether I am on schedule to reach my goal, or even better it.
  • If Mo matches the British record and I cross the line in exactly 4 hours, then I will be 1 hour 52 mins 47 seconds behind Mo.
  • My most optimistic plan will have me crossing the line 90 minutes slower the course record. So a realistic guess will be between 90 & 120 minutes (assuming Mo is on good form)