Did I peak to soon?

Following the good run last Sunday at Ashby20, I kept on it by going out again on the Monday night – then had a couple of days off. When I did try a couple of real runs on Friday & Saturday, I found it a bit of a struggle – heavy legs and feeling tired quire early. Hope I didn’t peak too soon!
In fact on Friday I found out how Paula Radcliffe felt and only avoided her situation by walking the final 3 miles of the ‘run’.

Didn’t meet my target (again) due to the absence of another long run (I should have done 21 miles according to my schedule).

Target = 43 miles
Monday – 5.5m
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest
Thurs – 2m steady
Friday – 7(+3)m
Saturday – 10m
Sunday – 11m
Total = 35.5 miles (+3)