Day 48 – long bike ride

Took the bike out before the snow descended. Had a 2 hour slot put aside, setting off from Mia’s Gym. Good cycle along Guthlaxton cycle path going from Leicester city centre, out to Blaby and Countesthorpe.
Experienced 3 challenges that can potentially scupper your best efforts to keep on going:

  1. Wind – That’s a head wind, not arse wind!
  2. Youths – who think it big and clever to block your path cycling down a single track road
  3. Punctures

Managed to ward off the first 2 challenges, battling against the head wind and then out witting those pesky kids but alas I succumbed to the third. After 21Km in the saddle and just 3Km from where I’d parked the car, a puncture to the front tyre meant that I had to walk the last couple of miles. Think I’ll put the bike in for a service tomorrow!

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