Ashby20 Road Race

Three out of the last 5 weeks have seen me miss my target mileage by quite a few miles, including this one which on paper could be a cause for concern but the circumstances of each week tell the whole picture and I don’t think I can be too concerned. I’m still getting in some good long runs and getting out several times a week even if it just to do a few miles.

This week started well as usual but on Tuesday I did more talking than running and for the rest of the week I felt as if I was about to break out into a cold. It wasn’t quite as serious as ‘man flu’ but with the big race at the weekend I didn’t want it to turn into anything that would scupper my chances of completing the Ashby20. So I took it easy with just a gentle warm up on Saturday morning and woke up on a smashing spring day on the Sunday, raring to go.

After hearing about it from 2 different sources, I decided to buy some beetroot juice ahead of the race, which is meant to increase speed and the Time to Exhaustion in some runners. I’m not sure if I had enough for long enough or how much of a difference it made but it’s worth a go!
terry woodhouse before the Ashby20 raceThe race itself went well, I was very impressed with the organisation and support around the course. Following my pre-race cold I thought I should set off at a steady 9 minute mile pace (which is my minimum target when I do the marathon next month), so I completed the first 10 miles quite comfortable at a very consistent 8 minute mile pace 🙂

Miles 11, 12 & 13 saw me slow down a bit but this was most definitely down the the hills in this section of the course, even so I completed the half marathon in a little over 1:45 which would have been a PB if I’d have stopped there.
From this point on, the race was a real battle, only one of the final 6 miles was completed in under 9 minutes and mile 19 actually recorded my slowest mile – the only one over 10 min/mile pace.
But with the good work done earlier in the race, I was happy with my overall average mile pace which was 8’36” and a total time of 2:51:36.

terry woodhouse afterthe Ashby20 raceWeek summary
Target = 43 miles
Monday – 6m at tempo
Tuesday – 2.5m steady jog
Wednesday – rest
Thurs – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – 3.5m steady
Sunday – 20m – Ashby 20 race
Total = 32 miles